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The Right Training Grows Sales

F&I products are some of the most profitable tools in a dealer’s toolbox.  The right F&I product will give your sales team a slate of products that will help your customers protect the value of their purchase.  Our F&I products also give your service department an important resource to take care of your customers and help them manage the cost of car ownership.  We teach sales teams about the real added value of F&I products by providing engaging seminars and ongoing training.  We are proud partners of EFG Companies, a premiere F&I solutions provider.  EFG provides top-shelf behavior based training with proven results.

Business people sitting in a row at seminar

F&I Training: F&I Producer Class

The F&I Producer will learn skills to improve productivity and profitability in the F&I Department while ensuring compliance with every transaction.

In this class, the EFG instructor will develop these F&I Producer’s skills:

  • Establishing an F&I process and culture
  • Conducting an effective customer interview
  • Working efficiently with lenders
  • Driving profitability and compliance
  • Conducting effective product presentations
  • Menu presentation techniques
  • Objection handling techniques
  • Proven role-play experience

Duration: 4 Days

Sales Training: Sales Workshop

Refining the sales team.  As a follow up to the Road to the Sale Class, EFG will engage with your sales management and sales team to target training curriculum to the areas of greatest need in your sales process, all designed to drive sales success.

  • Assess areas of need
  • Tailor sales training to meet specific areas for improvement
  • Coaching and skills development

Duration: 1 Day

Sales Training: Coaching Sales Skills

Managers will learn how to coach and develop the skills of their sales team. Specifically, in this workshop the manager will learn:

  • How to evaluate performance
  • How to conduct a role play and provide feedback while maintaining self esteem
  • How to build teams through training exercises

Duration: 3 Days

F&I Training: F&I Workshops

Fine-tune your F&I producers’ skills. Led by EFG’s own F&I experts and designed to complement the EFG F&I Producer Class, this one day workshop focuses on the areas where you most need a refresher:

  • Ensuring an effective T/O from the sales team
  • Executing an effective customer interview
  • Working more efficiently with your lenders
  • Professional menu presentation
  • Objection handling techniques

Duration: 1 Day

Sales Training: Leasing Workshop

Position the benefits of leasing vs. financing.  This workshop includes a proven leasing sales aide that makes it easy to explain the benefits of leasing to your customers in terms they can understand — yet also offers the flexibility to steer them back to conventional financing, if necessary. Led by the consumer care experts from EFG Companies, this workshop can train your team to:

  • Readily position the benefits of leasing compared to long-term financing
  • Understand customer needs and their fit to the benefits of leasing

Duration: 1 Day

Sales Training: Responding to Phone Inquiries

Seize every opportunity.   Responding well to phone inquiries can be an extremely effective way to reach your appointment-setting goals. This one-day course offers:

  • Multiple strategies for enhancing the customer relationship
  • Tips for making the subtle shift to a customer-centric approach
  • Techniques that help your team turn casual phone inquiries into names and numbers of potential customers

Duration: 1 Day

Compliance Training: AFIP Certification Course

The credentials of a professional F&I Producer.  EFG Companies is a strong proponent and supporter of the tenants of the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals. We believe that to conduct business in a professional, legal and compliant manner is absolutely critical. In this course, the F&I producer will gain deep knowledge and understanding of the rules, laws and regulations that touch the retail automotive business and will be provided the opportunity to take an exam and become AFIP-Certified. This course will provide the participants:

  • 3 days of detailed instruction on the critical rules, laws and regulations that affect their business
  • AFIP-proctored exam to grant certification
  • Participants who pass the exam and become certified will proudly carry the AFIP-Certified credentials

Duration: 4 Days

Sales Training: Road to the Sale

Build rapport and make the sale. By taking a customer-centric approach to selling, sales consultants and managers can establish relationships that keep customers coming back for years to come. EFG works closely with your management staff throughout this course to ensure a tailored Road to the Sale process that:

  • Develops core knowledge and teaches proven techniques
  • Produces core competencies with performance evaluation
  • Builds confidence and consistency
  • Incorporates performance metrics and reporting
  • Provides ongoing coaching and skills development

Duration: 4 Days

Sales Training: Negotiations for Sales Managers

Managers learn a non-confrontational negotiations process that will build gross profits while maintaining the customer’s satisfaction. The process avoids treating each customer the same and looks at each customer as an individual, with their own desires and justifications.
Duration: 1 Day

Compliance Training: Compliance Workshop

Ensuring a compliant operation.  The duties and actions of your F&I department are monitored by many laws and regulations enforced by federal, state and local agencies. Today, more than ever, it is crucial that you and your team understand and comply with these laws and regulations. It starts with knowledge and leads to processes and action. This workshop will cover:

  • Overview of Compliance Rules and Regulations
  • Regulation Z, Regulation B, Magnuson Moss, Regulation M, GLBA, OFAC, USA Patriot Act, IRS Cash Reporting, Red Flag Rule/Safeguards, just to name a few
  • Code of Ethics
  • Useful tools to help implement compliance measures at your dealership

Duration: 1 Day